Bentley T

Character Info Edit

Playable? Yes
Episode Unlocked 0
Abilities Bombs

Sleep Darts

Other various technology

Jobs UnderConstruction
You foul, no good, rotten coward of a general! Now, sir, oh now its time for you to face the consequences!

~ Bentley, before the boss fight with Tsao.

Bentley is the brains of the Cooper Gang, and often plans the missions. Although in the first mission/tutorial he is in his wheelchair, he recovers and plays like Sly 2 afterwards.


Bentley holds and uses his crossbow to fire sleep darts and whack enemies. He plays as a mix over of Sly 2 and Sly 3. He has his grapple cam, trigger bomb, hover pack and a few other abilities. Bentley can through his trigger bomb normally, as well as firing it from his crossbow/binocucom.


Bentley's Bonocucom

Bentley looks into his crossbow, and this serves as his Bonocucom.

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