Conna (MySims)

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim Sim
Star Level Star Level 2
Role Resident
Residence Name Conna's Secret Hanger
Number of Task 0

Conna appears in MySims 2 as a townie sim. He has a unique turntable blueprint. He has a secret crush on Wendalyn.


Conna loves planes, and sushi, and partying! He is friendly and kind, and has a mad crush on Wendalyn.



Hotel Intro

  • Hey! I'm Conna! Do you know what would make this hotel better? A turntable! And another turntable!

Accept Move in

  • Sure! I've been trying to get here since star level 1!

When you build his house

  • Yeah! Now I own a secret hanger! Or well, a pretend one.

Request for more stuff

  • You know what would make the world better? A turntable in every building in the world!

Star Level 2

  • I love to party at Club Candy! Don't you?
  • Hey [Player's Name]! Would you like to see my Jet blueprint?

Star Level 3

  • I love the night! You see many buitiful things...
  • I would hate for this town to be really tasty!

Star Level 4

  • Have you noticed that somethings are really great when the moon is behind them?
  • Have you heard of this guy named Chaz? He is a crazy, follish, ego maniac!

Star Level 5

  • Hmm, could you get me five star essences, why? So I can host a star level 5 celibration Party!
  • I'm going to the hotel to see Violet. See ya!

Best Friend

  • You rock [Player Name]! You deservie 100 000 of your favourite essence!

Best Friend Reward

  • Turntable, Ultamate

Best Friend Notice

  • Conna has given you his turntable blueprint! He was working on that one even longer than his jet one!