Darra is a character made by ConnaBuilder. She is a very wise Drow, which is a dark elf in Dungeons and Dragons. She has black skin, white hair and green eyes. She is very fearful and is often dragged into adventures, but is very wise, which has saved lots of the people she helped. Petal doesn't like Darra much because drows are often evil and attack other elves, but Darra is good, not only good, but the pure drow of legend. She is also a master of magic. She appears in MySims, MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, MySims Racing, MySims Agents, MySims SkyHeroes and MySims Invasion.

Roles in GamesEdit


  • Darra is ConnaBuilder's character in the Dungeons and Dragons based game, Baldur's Gate.
  • Ironically, In MySims Darra gives you tasks for more spooky items (Withous essences) than any other item, even though she dislikes spooky
  • Darra is one of the only character to appear in seven games and never change her apperance.
  • Darra's mind is shielded from any form of control, as shown on her online page (Non MySims) (Out soon)
  • Darra makes a refrance to Baldur's Gate when she says she read on a tomb, "Eveyone Dies, Its how you live that matters" as there is a tomb saying that in the small town Naskel.
  • Darra is the only character to have been cut twice. She was cut from MySims Action for unknown reasons, but then she was put back in. She then was cut again because ConnaBuilder couldn't fit her in.
    • Darra will still apear like planned in the upcoming trailer of MySims Action.
  • Darra and Zombie Carl are the only sims with a unusable skin colour.
  • In MySims 2, Darra says that she is 19, but she looks as if her age is 21.