Darra (MySims) 2

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Preist
Residence Name The Holy Temple

In MySims, Darra is the uber sim. She is only obtainable by having your town 100% of every intrest. She comes to your town in hopes to set up a temple.


Darra is a great person, she wishes to help people and make good shine, so if only she wasn't scared of her own shadow! Its because the fact she's a drow, she's hated for that.

Loves: Geeky

Like: Cute

Hates: Spooky


Task 1:

Intro Dialouge: This temple requires 5 item to be holy, the first, a staute of greatness!

Requirments: Sculpture with 5 8 Balls, 5 Star, 5 Spiders, 5, Yellow Blossems, 5 Organic and 5 Crab.

Hint: From the grass to the sand, love and courage gazes down at you.

Thanking Dialouge: You are a beaming light of goodness, [Player Name]!

Reward: Decrotive: Lights of Hollines

Task 2:

Intro Dialouge: Light shines down at us, as we make our way to victory, the light we shall see with a fireplace!

Requirments: Sculpture: Fireplace with 10 Alein, 10 Rose, 10 Knight, 5 Ghost, 5 Heart, 5 Rainbow Trout

Hint: The ghost who teases, hugs and sings, The rainbow trout's are beutiful things, The hearts you are searching for, are found on a tree and aleins are where geeky is free!

Thanking Dialouge: Aaa, the light and heat spread across this room, all thanks to you, my friend.

Reward: Decrotive: Drow Mask

Task 3:

Intro Dialouge: Fear stops us from using our greatest skill, so there is a way to overcome these fears. To remove the fear, every follower of here shall battle the mummy I summon... but I need a place to summon them from.

Requirments: Sarcophagus with 10 Cherry Blossom, 10 Spring, 10 Stone, 10 Topaz and 5 Black Rose.

Hint: My task requires Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Purple, that is the hint I give you.

Thanking Dialouge: A perfect succsess! It creeps me out a little...

Reward: Decrotive: Indoor Flowerbed

Task 4:

Intro Dialouge: You are doing well, my friend, but it only get harder form here, a caldron for brewing, is needed for the trials ahead...

Requirments: Caldron with 10 Video Games, 10 Ocipus, 10 Dimonds, 10 Pawn 10 Thorns and 10 Plum Blossom.

Hint: The caves are the key, my friend.

Thanking Dialouge: Potions in there will be powerful, my friend, I wouldn't come too close if I were you...

Reward: Decrotive: Flower Vally Painting.

Task 5:

Intro Dialouge: The final challange is ahead of you, but like the final battle, it is hardest of them all!

Requirments: Pool of Holy Water with 20 Star, 20 Globe, 20 Puppy, 20 Crab, 10 Heart and 10 Amythest.

Hint: On the final trial of all things, you must figure out the answer yourself.

Thanking Dialouge: The Temple is finsihed but only because of your great serveces.

Reward: Outfit: Darra's.


Hotel Intro: Well, greetings, my friend, you are a great person indead to make the town this remarkable.

Accept Move-In: I gladly accept, but only if I am given a Temple.

After You Build House: The light shall prevail! Evil can't touch this Temple of glory!

Star Level 0:

I like living in small towns, in large ones I am... not appriceated.

Star Level 1:

My Temple is a powerful place, all thanks to you, my friend.

Star Level 2:

Life is a jounrey that you should enjoy, I once read on a tomb "Everyone Dies, Its how you live that matters."

If you wanted, I could tell you some of my stories ad an adventure, let me tell you, I didn't enjoy it.

Star Level 3:

I don't get why some people think spooky is good. It just makes you, well scaried!

Have you been living with good inside you, my friend?

Star Level 4:

I love the holy water pool, the fountain is so peaceful

We are four stars! You shall take us through it, [Player Name]!

Star Level 5:

Level 5! Great job!

I get a little nervious walking around town, lots of people look at me. Its because I'm a drow I guess.

This is the best part of the jorney, its the part where it becomes the jorney that you choose.

Best Friend: Through all my travels I have never met a greater friend then you. You have great light inside you, my best friend!

Best Friend Reward: Everything in the game that is unlockable, every blueprint, every decrotive and every oufit