Agent DarraDarra
Darra (MySims) 2

Character Info Edit

Role Swamp Resedent, Recrut
Location Boudreaux Mansion, HQ
Interests Nature1Nature1Nature1

Smarts Smarts

Darra appears in MySims Agents as a Drow who lives in the swamps of Boudreaux Mansion. She can be recruited after you finish the mission.

Recruit Mission

Can you belive that swamp?! Its scary! Please recruit me, I want to help you and get out of this swamp!


HQ Dialouge:

While your doing the boardwalk mission: I don't really like the beach, its a little deadly for someone like me.

While you doing the jungle mission: I wish I could go to the jungle with you, my friend, but I am needed on other missions.

When you win: Be very careful, my friend, the evil in the nightmare crown can corrupt, I can sense it.

You are a good person to beat Morcubus, you have a good future, my friend.

I like being high up. It is a strange hobby I have, my friend.

Request for mission: I was recruited, I might not love it but I must respect you and compleate what you can't.

Phone Calls:

The Extremest Case: This "Chaz" is the most annoying, ego maniac, follish person I've ever met! I don't think I'm the best person for this mission.

Falling Forest: The forest is falling?! What matter of evil is this?!

Tainted Brooth: I have a spell called "purify", should I try that?

Answer for yes: Hopper says the brooth is perfect!

Answer for no: Okay

One more time: They say that this place should show your worst fear, but I see the world as it normaly is.