Darra (MySims) 2

Character Info Edit

Role Desinger
Home Island Trevor's Island
Interest Cute Kingdom

Darra appears in MySims Kingdom as a desinger for Trevor. She has a task for you to make a living quarters for Linda and Gordon. She is quite nervious and is scaired of everyone on the island. You gain her trust she becomes your friend and she gives you a scroll.


Guest Quaters:

Intro Dialouge: Well I need some help making a quarters behind the stage for Trevor and Linda, My Friend. Could you assist?

Requirments: 10 Domestic, 5 Elegant, 5 Fun to set 2

Hint: Nothing to fancy, just a bed... and whatever else they want.

Thanking Dialouge: Wow! It looks great, My friend!

Reward: Scroll Of The Drow


Morning: So much that Trevor wants! He is impossible!

Nonn: So hungry, I only get dinner here!

Afternoon: You know, this place is pretty cold, even in afternoon.

Evening: I like the Stars on the trees. There great, My Friend.

Night: My friend, I need some sleep acording to my boss, I don't even sleep, My friend.