Darra (MySims) 2

Character Info Edit

Residence Snowy Mountains
Car Weight Class Light
MorcuCorp? No
Role Rival Racer

Darra appears in MySims Racing as a rival racer, her car looks a little like a bubble. She comes to your town after you beat Sir "Ace" Charles. She has some of the most difficult challanges, like in MySims


Task 1

Type: Burning Lap

Intro Dialouge: The first trial, from me, Darra. Beat the legandary time.

Race: Racing School

Goals: Gold for 10 Secs, Silver for 15 Secs, Bronze for 16 Secs

Finsih Dialouge: You have compleated the first trial

Reward: None

Task 2

Type: Time Trial

Intro Dialouge: Move with speed, move with stealth, move with skill in the second trial.

Race: Sugerrush Speedway

Goal: Gold for 15 Gates, Sliver for 14 Gates, Bronze fo 10 Gates.

Time: 50 Secs

Reward: None

Finsih Dialouge: You have compleated the second trial

Task 3

Type: Collect

Intro Dialouge: All clues are needed, all are required, us the whole map to find them

Race: Mount Shiverest

Goal: Gold for 100 Clues Silver for 50, Bronze for 25

Time: 2 Mins

Reward: None

Finsih Dialouge: You have compleated the third trial.

Task 4

Type: 1 V.S 1

Intro Dialouge: My friend, the final task lays ahead. Beat me, the final challange.

Race: Dr. F's Daredevel drive

Goals: Gold for 10 Secs ahead, Silver for 5 Secs ahead, Bronze for 0 Secs ahead.

Finsih Dialouge: You have compleated all of my trials. You have won, my friend.

Reward: Every item unlockable