Darra (MySims) 2

Character Info Edit

Role SkyForce Medic
Affiliation SkyForce

Darra appears in MySims SkyHeroes as the SkyForce medic. Before Vincent attacks the SkyForce base, Darra is kidnapped, meening she couldn't heal Justice after the rendack exploded on him. Morcubus keeps Darra on his Morcubase, so when you blow it up you also save her. She is good friends with Skip Rogers. She still works with the SkyForce, but she spends her time at the fortune hunters base at the end of the game.


When doing missions: My friend, you will win us this war.

After you met the Fortune Hunters: You know, I'm good friends with the leader of the fortune hunters, Skip. He is a good person, he just likes money.

When you win: I told you that you could do it, my friend. Oh don't worry I'm just staying here until the next threat comes.