Gracie is a giraffe character. Apparently, she is the most fashionable charcter in all of Animal Crossing. She is also the most snooty character.


When Copper will be talking about the day where he will give tickets to critters who do not park in a parking space. On the actual day, Gracie will appear in a random acre in your town complaining about her dirty car. You tell her to wash it herself and she accuses you because she doesn't want to mess up her
ACWW gracie
dress. You have to wash her car (just press the "A" button very fast). When you finish, if you do a bad job she yells at you and you get nothing. If you do a so-so job you recieve a normal outfit. If you do good, you get a Gracie outfit. In ACWW, Gracie appears in front of town hall where most special characters set up. She will be in front of her car and ask you if you're ready for your "fashionesta badge". If you say yes, she will ask you a series of questions and then she will give you your scores. The scores may have one of her designes in it.


In the latest installment of Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Gracie owns her own shop in the city. Label, another Able sister from the village. Lable sells very high-priced items which include outfits, umbrellas, headgear, and furniture. At the end of the month there will be a big sale where villagers go in the store shopping. Gracie may appear in her store and may give you a 40% off discount if you are dressed matched by the style of your clothes or the colour. Even your shoes, which you may get from Kicks. The discount only lastes when in the shop, so bring bells or a shopping card with you.