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Episode 1 The Incoming Cute!Edit

Violet: Hi! Welcome to the house of Goth, Doom and Cute. I am your host, Violet Nightshade and I will now explain how the show works. First of all, this is an elimination show. At the end of each episode the is an elimination. The winner of the challenges can't be eliminated but everyone else can. The contestants choose who is out in a votting system and that covers elimination.

Violet: The next thing I'll tell you about is the challenges. In each episode there are three challenges. If a contestant wins the first challange they get a bonus in the last challange. If a contestant wins the second challange they win a prize to help them relax after the challanges. If a contestant wins the third challange they can't be eliminated. Finally, If a contestant wins the second challange but are eliminated they choose another sim to have it.

Violet: Okay now the best part about the game. All of the sims who are in the contest love cute stuff or hate spooky things. So thats why the whole show is based around spooky stuff. The people even need to live in a haunted mansion. However, the prize is enough to get lots of people in. Honestly I like the thought of 95,000,000 pink simlones!

Violet: Okay! Time to introduce the contestants! First up we have Clara! Hi Clara, how are you?

Clara: Bad! Very bad!

Violet: Why? What is the problem?

Clara: This place, its Terrifying! Do we really need to live here?

Violet: Yes don't worry though, the ghosts only come at night. Okay next we have Shirley the hair dresser!

Shirley: Violet honey, your hair! Its as bad as this place is!

Violet: You think my hair is bad (giggles) well wait until you see Zombie Carl. Next is Bean! Do you know anything about ths place Bean!

Bean: All I know is My Grandma didn't make this evil place!

Violet: Your right, I made it! Let's introduce Buddy!

Buddy: I take it back! I don't want to be here!

Violet: Its a bit late for that. Do you want me to introduce the next sim?

Buddy: Sure!

Violet: Okay. Lets meet Roxie!

Roxie: Spooky, big and no ice cream! Its my worst nightmare!

Violet: Do you want me to tell every one about the ghost?

Roxie: No! Talk to someone else!

Violet: As you wish, lets talk to Poppy!

Poppy: Violet, is that my bouquet of flowers I gave you?

Violet: Um, no, no way.

Poppy: but its the same only the flowers are dead...

Violet: Moving on, lets talk to Nicole

Nicole: Violet, I hate your dress but it would sell for a lot to spooky sims. Do you have more copies?

Violet: It doesn't matter. Next is... ugh! Butter

Butter: Princess Butter to you, peasant!

Violet: You might be a princess, but here I am queen! now Taylor!

Taylor: How spooky is this place?! Can we do somthing else?

Violet: Its uber spooky 100% Now last but not least Beebee!

Beebee: The bunny queen!

Violet: Okay now its finally time for the first challange! We're going to go ghost catching in the mansion!

Poppy: Ghost catching?

Butter: Thats servant's work!

Violet: That's why your doing it.

Beebee: Yay! Hopping like bunnys do!

Violet: Okay here are your nets also you can go in groups for this challange but no more than three. When I call you need to come to me Go!

Clara: Poppy! Taylor! Over here.

Poppy: We would make a great team

Shirley: Nicole! We might have diffrent taste but we need to work together

Nicole: Fine! Don't think this means anything after what happend!

Buddy: Roxie! You and me?

Roxie: Sure lets go

Violet: (Begins whispering to the camera) To bad that they don't know that the ghost don't fight back... they possess back!

Taylor: You guys go ahead I'll check down this hall

Poppy: Mabey we should stay together?

Clara: Don't worry Poppy. Taylor you go.

Taylor: Okay

Buddy: Roxie

Roxie: Yes?

Buddy: Should we look for ice cream instead?

Roxie: Yes

Beebee: Hopping around lardydardydar. Hey a ghost! I should catch it. (Hops up into the air and catches the ghost with the net) Yay! I caught one! I caught one! (Her voice echo's down the hall)

Nicole: We're going so slow! Beebee's caught one before us! It would help if you stopped redoing your hair every five seconds!

Shirley: Its not my fault I'm more pretty than you

Nicole: You little...! This is the kind of thing you did when you ruined my fashion show!

Shirley: Just so you didn't fail it

Nicole: You made me fail it! Hey look there's Bean. Bean!

Bean: Yes

Nicole: You're my new team member. Let's go away from Shirley

Bean: Okay

Shirley: What a nut. Oh Butter, well I need a team Princess can I join you?

Butter: Sure

Taylor: I was sure I heard a ghost... wait I forgot to get a net. I'll go get one quickly. Yikes! Nice ghostie whostie who is flying towards me... Help! (Her voice echos down the hall)

Poppy: I think I heard Taylor screaming "Help"

Clara: Don't worry Poppy. This place makes you imagane things

Nicole: Argh!

Clara: That was Nicole lets see whats wrong

Nicole: Shirley! You made this flour fall on me didn't you?

Shirley: Ha ha ha! You look like a ghost just like I wanted

Nicole: You rat! Poppy, Clara, Everyone! leave me alone!

Poppy: Okay. Clara I think we should find Taylor

Taylor: I'm right here

Clara: Taylor? You sound funny

Taylor: I um have a sore thorat. I'll hold the nets for everyone

Poppy: Okay

Taylor: (She Sneaks up behind Poppy and Clara and catches them with net)

Poppy: What!

Clara: Taylor?

Taylor: I'm the ghost who possesed your friend!

Nicole: Beebee! I'm not a ghost flour fell on me!

Violet: Time!

(Eveyrone comes back to the main room)

Violet: Well... Lets check the scores. Nicole and Bean

Nicole: um two

Violet: Okay Shirley and Butter

Shirley: Seven! beat that Nicole

Violet: Yes okay now Poppy, Clara and Taylor I would ask but things turned around for you

Poppy: Yes. We caught no ghost but a ghost caught us.

Violet: Okay ghost get out of Taylor

Taylor: But I like this body despite the need to compliment myself in it.

Violet: Ghost!

Taylor: Fine! (A ghost flys out of her body) What happend?

Violet: Buddy and Roixe?! You made Ice Cream Searchers Uniforms

Buddy: Yes

Violet: I'm not even going to ask. Anyway. Beebee

Shirley: She was alone, she must have gotten worse than Nicole

Beebee: 30

Everone except Beebee: 30?!

Violet: Let me check. (She looks in Beebee's net) Yep 30 Beebee wins!

Beebee; Yay!

Shirley: What!

Violet: Okay the next challange! Here is the forbidden swamp! Inside there is tresure that you need to find. Be careful of the two guardians. You must get past them without fighting them. The two guardians are Carl and Yiki. One of them is a deadly beast of fear and terror... and the other one is Carl. No teams. Now go!

Everyone Except Violet: (Spreads out into the swamp)

Taylor: Wwwell I think zombies are better than ghost

Carl: Oooooohhhhh

Taylor: Aaa Help!

Violet: That's one cute sim scared silly.

Buddy: This place is scary.

Yuki: Ra ra ra ha ha ha

Buddy: Yikes! (Runs into a stone house)

Carl: Non will pass!

Buddy: Zombie! Run!

Poppy: Buddy? Is that you? Buddy!

Clara: This place is soooooooooo scary! I think I'll dig a hole and see if I find something... mostly so I'm safe from the bad beast

Butter: Urgh! I walked into water. This mist is impossible! None could see in it!

Yuki: Yuki bite your face!

Butter: Help!

Bean: I hope I don't come across that Carl, he sounds scary. I-what was that? hello?

Roixe: Yummy ice cream. Buddy I found it. Buddy?

Carl: Caught ya

Roixe: Help!

Shirley: Wow Violet hon this place is spooky, you out did yourself. A-Ghost! Run!

Nicole: Got you big time didn't I Ha ha ha.

Shirley: Don't think this is over

Yuki: You can run from Yuki, But you can't hide from Yuki

Nicole and Shirley: Aaaa!

Poppy: This place is so scary that - is that Buddy running from a zombie? I must be seeing things. Hey look its a stone house! I wonder what's inside...

Yuki: Yuki get Poppy like Butter girl, sister group and bee lady!

Poppy: Um Yuki? Do you like this shiny coin I found on the ground?

Yuki: Give Yuki shiny and Yuki let you pass

Poppy: Okay here you are

Yuki: Poppy go through now

Poppy: Thank you. Hey there is a tresure box! I found it!

Violet: Everyone back to the start.

(Everyone arrives)

Violet: Good job Poppy! Your reward is in your room you shall get a Yellow Blossom, a Rose and a Plum Blossom

Poppy: Yay!

Violet: Okay to the third challenge. Back to the Mansion! I'm going to let someone take over in this challange

Wendyln: Hi!! I'm Wendyln the Wonder Witch, this is you challange.

Butter: Urgh now we are talking to witches? I could win the wandilor Competition over this!

Wendyln: I need you guys to help me make some potions.

Clara: Potions are scary!

Wendlyn: See if you guys can make your own with these ingredients. Also since Beebee won the first challange she gets extra ingredients. The person with the most amazing potion wins!

Buddy: Eyeballs, Pumpkins, Black Roses I feel faint.

Wendlyn: Ready? Go!

Clara: Well lets see... Eyeballs, Amythest, Black Rose, Black Apple and Ginger Bread Men

Wendlyn: Clara wait! that is a really bad p-

Clara: (Gets knocked across the room) Ow

Taylor: Um, let's try just Ginger Bread Men. Ooo look Ginger Bread Men are comming out! Wait stop! Too many! Stop!

Wendlyn: Ovarcotecytar!

Taylor: Its stopped! but ho-

Wendlyn: Spell. Anyway keep it up

Beebee: Putting in everything!

Violet: That won't backfire

Nicole: I remember reading somthing! What was that? Yes I remember Amber alone makes a great potion!

Shirley: (As Shirley overhears, she paints an Amythest orange and puts it in with the amber)

Nicole: In goes the amber and-


Shirley: Sorry Niki, but revenge is a dish best served cold.

Nicole: You!

Wendlyn: Not what I was thinking of. Next!

Shirley: Luckly I have my own ingredient, Hairspray! (She sprays some hairspray into the potion and it turns green) Um I wonder what that will do. (The potion spils and melts through the floor) maybe not

Wendlyn: I never really liked acid potions. Next!

Buddy: I'm going to um do cake! (He puts cake into the potion and it turns pink. Buddy picks it up and drinks it)

Clara: Buddy! You're pink

Buddy: What? Cool! I'm Buddy the pink belhop and messenger and agent!

Wendlyn: Neat! Next!

Roixe: Let's add Cake and Choclate Cake! Ooo Its making ice cream!

Wendlyn: Its great! Next!

Butter: I refuse to touch any of the thing here! talk to someone else

Wendlyn: Fine! Next!

Poppy: Um Amythest and Amber makes... Flowers?! Yay!

Wendlyn: Good for you Poppy. Next

Bean: I'll put in some fluff from my beanie! Lets see Ooo its making pure water!

Wendlyn: That would be useful. Show me the last on while I eat some Bacon

Beebee: Here I-whoops!

The potion spils and lands on Wendlyn's Bacon, just as she bites it

Wendlyn: That is awesome! I makes anything taste like ginger bread men! Beebee wins!

Beebee: Yay!

Violet: She does? I mean she does! Beebee is safe! Now its the vote. Who is out?! Everone vote and then stay in your rooms

10 minutes later, after the vote

Shirley: Nicole. I want to say I'm sorry

Nicole: Why should I believe you?

Shirley: Because I really am! I want to be friends again!

Nicole: I... Forgive you. So what do you want to talk ab-the vote! Violet I need to change my vote! Violet!

20 minutes later

Violet: Okay everyone! Time to see who is out. It is... Shirley

Nicole: No!!!

Shirley: Its okay Nicole. Remember to win for both of us!

Nicole: I... Will. For both of us!

Violet: Okay so now Who is out next? Is Nicole really going to win for Shirley? Who will live the next day? Find out next time on The House of Goth, Doom and Cute!

Episode 2 Dancing With the DeadlyEdit

Violet: Everyone is asleep and its six in the morning, the time I wake everyone up! This is Violet Nightshade, the host of The House of Goth, Doom and Cute! (She rings a giant bell) Wake up everyone and come down for breaky!

Everyone (Comes out to the hall and sits down)

Poppy: Pisst Clara, lets hope breaky isn't as spooky as this hallway

Clara: Is that possible?

Violet: Okay now its time for the spookiest breakfast you have ever seen! Its scrambled black eggs with thorn jucie!

Roxie: Your joking right

Violet: Nope. Here it is. I would try to enjoy it, you're having this every morning you're here.

Everyome Except Violet: What!

Violet: I rest my case

One hour later

Violet: So you have all had your breakfast? Because its not the first challange! Come with me! (She leads them into an underground fortress) Okay so in this challange, you must escape! Beware of the beast!

Buddy: Beast?!

Violet: Teams are fine and as many as you want in one team. Go!

Butter: Beesomthingorother your with me!

Beebee: Do I have a choice?

Butter: No!

Clara: The three of us again?

Poppy: Sure

Taylor: But no splitting up

Poppy and Clara: Sure

Buddy: Roxie Bean Nicole us four a team?

Roxie, Bean and Nicole: Sure!

Butter: Beebee, any idea what the monster is?

Beebee: Well I know it dosn't like carrots

Butter: How?

Beebee: Monsters never do

Butter: So anywa-

Monster: Roar!

Beebee: Did you know that bunnys run away when they hear stuff like that they run away? Bunny Princess run away to!

Butter: Wait up!

Buddy: Did you hear that roar?

Roxie: Yes this place is scary!

Nicole: I'm not worried about the monster

Bean: What are you worried about?

Nicole: Traps! they could be anywhere!

Buddy: I didn't think of that!

Roxie: This is so scary!

Nicole: Just watch your step and you'll be fine so-

Taylor: Don't worry Clara! We will save you!

Bean: We need to find out whats wrong. Lets go!

Clara: I fell in this trap

Bean: Okay lets go

Beebee: Run away!

Poppy: What is it?

Beebee: A Dragon! and its got Princess Butter!

Nicole: Is it bad I don't want to save her?

Butter: Help!

Taylor: lets go!

Clara: Wait! What about me? Wait

3 Minutes later

Poppy: That Dragon is big! Lets go

Butter: Without me? Save Me!

Dragon: Ha ha ha! I have caught your little friend and you to!

Nicole A tra-

(A net swings up and catches everyone)

Dragon: Now Foo-

Violet: Back to you're cage dragon

Dragon: (he walks into his cage)

Violet: You guys were lucky Clara won, otherwise you would all be dragon food!

Clara: Yay! I'm a hero!

Violet: Okay! The next challange! back to the mansion!

Taylor: How did you get out

Clara: There was a rope in my trap

Poppy: How did we miss that?

Violet: In the next challange you must survive in the mansion as long as you can. I'm sending in some monsters to deal with you! Everyone in one team and Go!

Yuki: Facebiting! Now!

Carl: I'll get you now!

Paul: Time to get you!

Clara: Run away!

Everyone Except Paul, Carl and Yuki: (Runs away)

Paul: I'll go to the right, Carl, you go to the left and Yuki... Just chase them

Yuki: I bite their face!

Carl: Sure Yuki

Poppy: Hey I know what to do! We run and hide

Taylor: No! Everyone take care of me!

Butter: Are you kidding me! Everyone should take care of me!

Everyone Except Nicole and Clara: (Starts fighting)

Nicole: Clara come with me

Clara: Okay

Violet: Rule number 1 of horror movie never fight! Rule number 2 of horror movie, Never split up!

Nicole: Lets build a fortress! We'll be safe from anything!

Clara: Okay

Poppy: Wait a second! Were is Beebee?

Everyone: (Looks around)

Taylor: She's gone! We need to find her

Butter: But the monsters got her! Its not safe, we need to hide!

Everyone: Yikes!

Poppy: Let's go!

Nicole: I must say darling, I'm impressed! This fort is amazing!

Clara: Thank you. It was hard to make. Um Nicole why did you get me to help you?

Nicole: We need a team. Anyway lets go into the fortress

Taylor: That fight was hard! Hey! Where is everyone help! Help!

Yuki: Yuki got you!

Taylor: Aaaaaaa!!! (Her voice echos down the hall)

Poppy: Taylor's gone!

Buddy: She is!

Roxie: Wait! Where is Nicole and Clara!

Butter: Only seven of us left

Bean: There is six of us Butter, Six! S I X!

Butter: Be quiet, servant! You know what I-

Carl: Boom!

Butter: He's got me!

Knock Knock

Nicole: What was that?

Clara: I'll open it

Nicole: No! We can't let anyone in

Paul: You guys open your door or I'll open it!

Nicole: No!

Paul: (Knocks the door down and grabs Nicole)

Nicole: Help!

Buddy: (Falls down) Oww (Gets back up) Hey guys! Guys! I can't find you!

Yuki: Yuki gets you!

Buddy: Help!

Bean: This is like sooooooooooooooooo sacry and-where's Buddy? Buddy!

Poppy: Another one gone! Who's next

Carl: (Without a sound, Carl grabs Bean and runs of with him)

Roxie: Where is Bean?

Poppy: He's gone too! This is so bad!

Roxie: (Eats ice cream)

Poppy: You are eating ice cream now!

Roxie: Well I-(Slips on ice cream and falls down some stairs) Ow

Yuki: Yuki get bee girl!

Poppy: Roxie! Roxie! I'm the last one left! But then everything should go back to normal! but-Nicole and Clara! They must be hiding! I'll find them!

Clara: Hmm nobody has found me yet

Poppy: Where are they

Paul: Going somewhere

Poppy: No!

Violet: Clara you win! Come back to the start!

Clara: (Comes back to the start) But everyone is here!

Violet: We couldn't really kill anyone, could we? Anyway you win! You will win a cute picture for your room! Okay the next challange, to the swamp!

Poppy: You will win the last game, Clara

Taylor: Thats for sure!

Violet: Okay so here is the next challange, In this sarcophagus, there is a monster that you must impress by dancing to it, also since Clara won the first challange, she will get a personal gothic dance lesson! Dance gothicly! So who's first?

Everyone except Violet and Buddy: (Walks backwards)

Violet: Buddy you are getting braver by the second!

Buddy: What! No I'm not! they they they!

Violet: Okay dance!

After Buddy's dance

Mel: I am not pleased

Buddy: No!!!

Mel: (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Buddy)

Violet: Next!

Butter: I'll show that mummy!

After Butter's dance

Mel: I am pleased

Butter: Yay!

Violet: Mel! Why?! Next

Roxie: Better get it over with

After Roxie's dance

Mel: I'm a bee catcher

Roxie: Aaaaa!

Mel: (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Roxie)

Poppy: I can do it!

After Poppy's dance

Mel: Not bad, not bad at all

Poppy: Yay!

Violet: Next!

Nicole: Fashion strikes!

After Nicole's dance

Mel: I accept this dance

Nicole: As I thought

Violet: Next!

Beebee: Me! Me!

After Beebee's dance

Mel: You call that a dance?

Beebee: No!

Mel: (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Beebee)

Violet: Next!

Bean: Here goes nothing

After Bean's dance

Mel: Really? (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Bean)

Violet: Next!

Taylor: I'll do it

After Taylor's dance

Mel: I don't like it

Taylor: No!

Mel: (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Taylor)

Violet: Okay! Finally Clara!

Clara: I'll win for sure!

After Clara's dance

Mel: Your kidding right?!

Clara: Is that a bad thing?

Mel: (He comes out the sarcophagus and grabs Clara)

Violet: Okay Mel let everyone out

Mel: (He opens the sarcophagus pushes everyone out)

Buddy: That was scary!

Violet: So Mel who wins?

Mel: Poppy

Butter: What!

Poppy: Yay!

Taylor: Poppy how did you win?

Poppy: I grew up with Violet, I know gothic dance

Violet: Okay everyone vote and then to your rooms

15 minutes later, after the vote

Taylor: How did you lose Clara? You were doing so well

Clara: I lost... Because you won Poppy!

Poppy: Why are you angry at me?

Clara: Because you made me lose! Now bye!

Taylor: Its okay Poppy, Clara is just being silly

15 minutes later

Violet: Okay so from the results of the vote the person out is...

Clara: Let it be Poppy

Violet: Clara!

Clara: What!

Violet: Bye Clara

Clara: Poppy! I'll get you for this!

Taylor: Its okay Poppy

Violet: So who is out next? Is Buddy going to get braver by the second? Who will win? Watch the next episode of The House of Goth, Doom and Cute!

Episode 3 Bump In The Night Part 1Edit

Violet: Breakfast!

Poppy: Should we come down?

Violet: Hi there and welcome to The House Of Goth, Doom and Cute! I am your host, Violet Nightshade and its a great day for all of the contestaints to eat there breakfast!

Taylor: This is gross, isn't it Clara? Oh wait Clara is gone, the place isn't the same any more.

Roxie: I can make it better (She spills the Icecream potion on the food) Yay!

Buddy: Yea!

Violet: Okay to the first challange! In this challange you need to find your way out of the pitch black maze. You will all be with each other. Also you get a guide. Zipper! I need you!

Zipper: I'm here!

Violet: Good! Okay everone, this is your guide

Zipper: Come on! Lets go!

Everone exept Violet: (Walks into the maze, lead by Zipper)

Poppy: This is so dark

Butter: It always is!

Zipper: Okay if anything grabs you run away!

Buddy: Somthing might grab us?

Zipper: You know, Zombies, Mummy, more than that

Everyone exept Zipper: More!

Zipper: So just run

Taylor: I think I hear a ghost

Zipper: Than be careful

Butter: Why are you the only one with a touch Zipper? W-

Mel: Now you belong to the temple!

Butter: Aaaaa!

Zipper: Where is Butter? Butter

Taylor: Butter

Zipper: She's gone

Roxie: Oh no! Who's next?

Carl: You are!

Roxie: Help!

Zipper: There goes Roxie. Okay I'm not sure if I'm where we should be so I'll bring the touch and just go ahead, and you guys stay here. Call if you get worried and I'll stay just ahead.

30 Secconds Later

Nicole: Its bean a while mabye we should call

Poppy: Zipper

Buddy: No response! We should check it out lets go

Everyone: (Goes down to the hall, and finds a touch on the ground)

Taylor: Zippers gone!

Nicole: (Picks up the touch) Violet said the objective is to escape the maze, so lets go!

Beebee: Okay

Bean: Sure

Taylor: Okay, lets go Poppy, Poppy?

Buddy: She's gone!

Nicole: Come on we need as many people as we can have.

Bean: You know out of all of the cute sims in town you are the only one I don't know about

Beebee: Well thats because I live in the moutains now

Bean: Mabye I can come and visit you some time.

Beebee: That would be ni-

Paul: And then there were four

Nicole: Run!

Bean: Aaaa!

Buddy: They got Bean!

Nicole: I see light

Mel, Carl and Paul: (Run in front and block the entrance)

Nicole: Taylor, you get past the zombie, Buddy, you get the mummy. I'm going for the big one

Carl: (Pulls of his arm, and throws it so it trips Taylor, and grabs her)

Taylor: Help!

Mel: (Makes a really scary face that makes Buddy trip, and then grabs him.

Buddy: Help!

Nicole: (Jumps onto Paul arms and jumps over him and escapes)

Violet: You win!

Nicole: Yes!

Violet: Okay the second challange. Nicole, try to save as many as you can. Also when you save them tell them to help save people to. The person with the most people saved wins! and don't lie. I'm always watching. Go!

Nicole: Okay (Runs into the maze).

Paul, Carl and Mel: Sneaks up behind Nicole

To Be Contiued

Episode 4 Bump In The Night Part 2Edit

Violet: If you remember, on part one of this episode, Everyone entered tha maze, but only Nicole got out, so she needs to go in and save them. However, Paul, Carl and Mel are ready to move, all behind the other. So sit back, enjoy the show, and be welcomed to The House Of Goth, Doom And Cute!

Paul: [Whispering] Okay get ready to strike, one... two... three!

Paul, Carl and Mel: (Jump and bashes into each other)

Nicole: What! (Runs away)

Paul: I guess that was my fault

5 minutes later

Nicole: Hello!

Roxie: Nicole is that you?

Beebee: Is that you Nicole and Roxie:

Nicole and Roxie: Yes

Nicole: Okay I'm going to free you guys, you should know, try to save as many as you can. Also when you save them tell them to help save people to. The person with the most people saved wins! and don't lie.

Beebee and Roxie: Okay

Nicole, Beebee and Roxie: (Runs in diffrent areas)

Roxie: Oh hey Bean

Bean: Roxie? How did you get free?

Roxie: Umm, there was a... blowtouch in my cell so you better get out of here and find a way to get out of this maze

Bean: Okay

Beebee: Where is everyone (She sees Carl, Paul and Mel walking down the hall and hides in a tiny room)

Carl: They can't have gotten far, (Walkes past Beebee) so lets move out

Beebee: That was close. Okay hopping around like a bunny, hop, hop, hop

Bean: Where is the way out?

Butter: You there, Bean, Release Me!!!!!!!

Bean: Okay (Walks to Butter's cage and opens it)

Butter: So let me get out of here!

Bean: Fine go alone

Butter: I will!

Beebee: Oh hi Taylor

Taylor: Can you please free me?

Beebee: Okay, (Frees Taylor) you need to free people to!

Taylor: Okay

Taylor: La da de de. Wait! hold on Poppy, I'm comming! (Frees Poppy)

Poppy: Thank you so much!

Taylor: Its okay but you need to free people okay

Poppy: Okay

Roxie: Hi Buddy

Buddy: Hi!

Roxie: (Frees Buddy)

Violet: [Through speakers] Okay everyone, now try to find the monsters or look for the temple exit, the monsters will now bring you out

Everyone: Okay

Violet [Through speakers] Good!

20 minutes later

Every contestaint: (Gets to Paul, Carl and Mel)

Paul, Carl and Mel: (Picks everyone up and takes them to the temple exit)

Violet: Okay everone, to the third challange also the winner is Nicole with 2 saves!

Roxie: Wait I got to saves, there should be a tie breaker!

Violet: There would be... except you cheated! You told Bean to just exit the temple and he told that to Butter so you cheated!

Roxie: How did you see that?

Violet: I see everything, so Nicole, your reward is-

Nicole: Violet wait a second, can I give my reward to Taylor?

Violet: Sure

Taylor: Really?

Violet: So Taylor, you win a new cute bed and a cute chair!

Taylor: Yay!

Violet: Okay to the third challange,

Butter: Wait a second where is Zipper?

Violet: Zipper is fine, she just dropped the touch and ran away

Everyone except Violet: What!

Violet: It was part of the challange Okay the third challange!

Taylor: Why did you give me the reward?

Nicole: Because its good to make friends

Violet: So the third challagne requires you all to be in a team, so everybody, get in a team!

Everyone except Violet: (Makes a team)

Violet: Okay warriors!

Poppy: Did she say, warriors?!

Violet: Yes you shall battle the monsters, Paul, Carl, Wendalyn, Mel and Yuki. Last man standing wins. Nicole gets a wooden sword for wining the first challange. Let the battle... Begin

Carl, Mel, Yuki and Paul: Charge! (Charges at the competetors)

Wendalyn: (Starts casting magic)

Butter: No way! (Walks away)

Roxie and Buddy: The spookies shall be beeten today! (Charge at Mel)

Poppy and Taylor: Flower Power! (Charge at Yuki)

Beebee: Bunnies never lose! (Charges at Carl)

Bean: If I were you, I'd be scaired of my beanie! (Charge at Wendalyn)

Nicole: So be it! (Charge at Paul)

1 minutes later

Yuki: Yuki bite Poppy and Tylor's faces

Taylor: Aaah

Poppy: You shall not hurt Taylor! (Tackles Yuki and uses her bag to tie Yuki to the ground)

Yuki: Yuki angry!

Poppy: Yuki beaten

Wendalyn: (Fires a ball of fire at Poppy and Taylor)

Taylor: Look out

Poppy and Taylor: (Get knocked out)

Roxie: Time to go... Mommy!

Mel: You dar-

Buddy: (Grabs one of Mel bandages, spins Mel around with it and nailes it to the ground)

Mel: Aaah

Wendalyn: (Shots a lightning bolt at Buddy and Roxie)

Buddy and Roxie: (Get knocked out)

Nicole: (Jumps on Paul, grabs his arms and jumps over him, pulling Paul to the ground, sticking her sword into his fur so it stuck into the ground)

Paul: I'm stuck!

Wendalyn: (Fires a magical missile at Nicole)

Nicole: (Gets knocked out)

Beebee: (Grabs Carls arms, pulls them off, throws them away and pulls his legs off)

Wendalyn: (Stops time around Beebee, and then knocks her out) I am unstopable!

Bean: Not on my watch! (Tackel Wendalyn, knocking her wand out of her hand) I win!

Violet: You do, Bean! great job okay wendalyn wake them up

Wendalyn: Ovasickiaha

Everyone except Bean, Violet, Butter and Wendalyn: (Wakes up)

Violet: Okay everyone, vote and then go to your rooms

30 minutes later

Violet: Okay you've all voted and the person out is... Roxie!

Roxie: What

Everyone except Roxie: You cheated

Violet: So Roxie is out! How will Buddy manage? How is out in the next episode of The House Of Goth, Doom And Cute?! find out on the next episode!


Violet: If you want to talk to me about the show, use my great friend ConnaBuilder's Awsome Talk Page and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Also, if your just saying somthing like, This sucks!!! don't bother. It will be removed from the page. Also if you want to go to where he is more active visit Here. Thanx Violet Nightshade

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The VotesEdit

Clara: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Out!

Shirley: Ep 1 Out!

Poppy: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Winner of Last Challange! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Buddy: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Beebee: Ep 1 Winner Of Last Challange! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Roxie: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Out!

Taylor: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Nicole: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Butter: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Safe!

Bean: Ep 1 Safe! Ep 2 Safe! Ep 3 No Vote Ep 4 Winner Of Last Challange!