Maid Nightshade (Violet Nightshade)
Maid Violet

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Hotel Maid
Residence Name The [Town Name] Hotel
Number of Task 3

Violet appears in MySims 2 as a maid. Buddy and Violet work alongside eachother, running the hotel.


Once a spooky resedent of [Towns name], Violet joined You and Buddy at the hotel in hopes to help the town after the earthquake. Violet now spends her time holding twenty dishes, Doing almost every single request at the hotel, and writing to her missed sister, Poppy.




Task 1

Intro Dialouge: Okay! Now that I've done Mr McFreely's request for a skateboard, I need to make Dr. F's Pizza Oven. Wait! I also need to help Mr Skullfinder with his dino bones! Could you help me with the pizza?

Requirments: Pizza Oven with 12 Thorn

Hint: Up the waterfall, I planted a whole group of spooky trees so the town would become more sca-Yes miss Vogue I'm coming!

Thanking Dialouge: Thanks for helping me out. Take this for your help...

Reward: Pizza Oven/Eye see you

Task 2

Intro Dialouge: Mr. McFreely is demanding another hot tub! Could I have some help getting it?

Requirments: Hot tub with 14 Clown Fish

Hint: I can't remember if Clown fish are found at the top or bottom of the waterfall.

Thanking Dialouge: When he's asleep I'm using that.

Reward: Bookshelf/Spooky

Task 3

Intro Dialouge: Can you give me a hand? Me and Buddy need to sleep but we don't know how to build a bed.

Requirments: Bed with 4 Action Figure, Bed with 4 Thorn

Hint: You can prospect near the waterfall for action fiqure.

Thanking Dialuge: Perfect! That will give me great dreams

Reward: Premission to level two of Hotel

All Task Reward Dialouge: I can't think of the hotel any better! Thank you!

All Task Reward: Decrotive: Spooky Mask


Request for more stuff

  • Maybe if we make the hotel spooky, more spooky people will come!

Star Level 0

  • You know, Me and Buddy arn't that busy because of how bad the town got so maybe we could hold a little party in the hotel.
  • [Town Name] isn't doing so well, but I know you will fix all of that, [Player name].

Star Level 1

  • The town is getting bigger! Your doing great, [Player Name]!
  • You know, I used to have a friend named Yvette. She might be coming to the town soon!
  • Yes! My 1 hour break that I get every week! I better write to Poppy.

Star Level 2

  • Soon ,I think more spooky people will come to town, Yes!
  • I'm so busy! I wish I could visit Poppy more

Star Level 3

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