Murray T

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Playable? Yes
Episode Unlocked 0
Abilities Strength
Jobs UnderConstruction
You know, general, I was able to fight my way against your army, single handedly, towards you. So what makes you think I can't take you on?!

~ Murray talking to General Viroleness

Murray or "The Murray" is a battle loving, justice thirsting magenta hippo who is know to be very tough. He is often described as "Fearless", which Bentley says is his strength and weakness.


Murray is not known for his stealth, but his strength allowing him to knock guards clear off their feet in 2 or 3 hits! Although strong, Murray can also now climb up poles next to walls.


Murray's Bonocucom

Murray draws his bonocucom from an unknown source. Similar to Sly, his bonocucom are just bonuclars.

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