Sly Cooper The Legend of The Thief Boxart
Sly Cooper: The Legend of the Thief is a Sly game that uses Sly 2/3 graphics. The game involves Sly, Bentley and Murray hunting down 5 members of the Master Gang. To do this, they must recover the "Extended gang" (the gang used for the cooper vault operation).


The gameplay is very similar to Sly 2 gameplay. The game requires much stealth (Only Murray and the Panda King being able to hold against large numbers on enemies). Of course, each character has a different playing style. Notable Differences

  • All characters (Not just Sly, Bentley and Murray) are playable from the safehouse.
  • All characters have a select list and items to buy from the Thiefernet.
  • Rooftop guards only appear on a few rooftops (None near the safe house).
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