Venom (MS)

There is no image of Venom yet, so until there is one, his artwork will be used.

Character Info Edit

Spices Giant Spider
Star Level Star Level 3
Role Possible pet
Owner You (Possibly)

Venom appears in MySims 2 as one of the 5 possible pets you can get.


After a hard life, Venom was found by Oliver, and put in the pet shop. Venom now waits for someone to buy him and a new person to love.


Loves:CuteLikes:Fun Hates:Domestic


When you look at him: (The spiders red eyes look scary at first, but when you look closer the Spider looks like it just wants to hug you.)

When you buy him: (Venom jumps out of his cage and lands in your arms, hugging you.)

Star Level 3: When you look down at Venom, He is snuggling with you.

Star Level 4: (Venom has a stick in his mouth, when you throw it, he gets it and brings it back.)

Star Level 5: (When you sleep in your bed, Venom jumps in with you.)