Violet Nightshade
Violet Game Show

Character Info Edit

Task Bearer? Yes
Number Of Task 3
Loved Intrest Spooky
Liked Intrest Nature
Hated Intrest Cute
Time Medieval
Morcucorp? Yes
Friends/Family/Enemies You (Friend)

Annie (Friend)

Poppy (Family)

Morcubus (Enemy)

Role Medieval Spy
Building Type Outdoors

In MSI, Violet appears as a member of MorcuCorp. She is the spy of the Medieval times.

Badge-6993-2 SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers to the game or a ceartain part of the game follow.

Violet is only helping MorcuCorp because they promised to save Poppy (Who was traped in the Dino Times) if Violet worked for Them. Once Violet tells You this, when You go to The Dino Times You save Poppy and bring her to Medieval and then Violet will quit MorcuCorp.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here.Badge-6993-1


Morning (If you havn't saved Poppy): You are not alowed here! Leave now!

Morning (If you have saved Poppy): Hi [Player Name]. Sorry for causing so much trouble.

Noon (If you havn't saved Poppy) This isn't my home time, I was sent here by MorcuCorp. I lived in Modern Times.

Noon (If you have saved Poppy): I think time is taking efect on me! I'm dreaming about how I want to drive a car one day, but I already have drove a car.// I think...

Afternoon: (If you havn't saved Poppy): I miss you so much Pop-What! Your here?! Get lost!

Afternoon (If you have saved Poppy): Thanks for saving Poppy, [Player Name].

Evening (If you havn't saved Poppy): My time to rest. I need to be up at night don't I?!

Evening: (If you have saved Poppy): Its pretty late, [Player Name]. You should be getting to bed.

Night (If you havn't saved Poppy): Go to sleep!

Night (If you have saved Poppy) Good night Poppy. Now time to enjoy myself.

Best Friend: I havn't treated you very well, yet you have done all this for me?! Thank you, [Player Name]!

Best Friend Reward: Organ/Goth Blueprint
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