Wendalyn (MSI)

Character Info Edit

Task Bearer? Yes
Number Of Task 3
Loved Intrest Spooky
Liked Intrest Tasty
Hated Intrest Elegant
Time Dino Times
Morcucorp? No
Friends/Family/Enemies You (Friend)

Gino (Friend)

Lilly (Family)

Classy (Enemy)

Role Wonder Witch
Building Type Two Story

In MySims Invasion, Wendalyn is a kind witch sent to Ancient Times by MorcuCorp

Badge-6993-2 SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers to the game or a ceartain part of the game follow.

Wendalyn has top secert info about MorcuCorp. To get it, you must do all her task. This is also the reason she was sent into the past.

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