Zipper Mushroomshock
Zipper K

Character Info Edit

Role Mushroom Festival Host
Home Island Zipper's Mushroom Island
Interest Nature

Zipper is a 9 year old who loves mushrooms so much she made a festival about them called the mushroom festival. She needs help from the The Royal Wandalior to set up this mushroom festival. She was also a wandalior but she retired due to her wish to make mushroom festivals. She is really good friends with King Roland and he even gave her an own island, which she named "Zipper's Mushroom Island."


Zipper is a young girl who loves mushrooms so much she made a mushroom festival! In fact she loves all nature so much she knows everything about it. Now that she has master nautre she now needs to master tech. First, how to turn on the computer.

Loves: Nature


When you first arive at the island:

Zipper: Oh no! People have started to come and I havn't set up anything! This is a nightmare!

Lyndsay: I don't understand. Set up for what?

Zipper: The Mushroom Festival!

Buddy: That sounds yummy

Zipper: Things are so hard without a wandlior. If only I had my wand on me

Lyndsay: You were a wandlior!?

Zipper: Yes but I wanted to work on the mushroom festival

Buddy: We can help! (Player's Name) Is a Wandlior and he/she can help you

Zipper: Really! Thats great! Come talk to me when your ready

After You do all her task Zipper: This is great! Thank you so much for everything

Buddy: It was good to help

Lyndsay: Yep

Zipper: Wow! You guys are so nice! I'm going to make a (Your Sims's Name) Festival!

Time of day talking

Morning: Hi (Player's Name) I'm working on the festival Area: Outside Mushroom Castle

Noon: How many scrolls do you have (Player's Name)? Personaly, I have 1059!

Area: Inside Mushroom Castle

Afternoon: Personaly, I hate tech but the Mushroom Festival should be good for everyone! Thats why I put stuff like that in it.

Area: Outside Mushroom Castle

Evening: I must say, you are an amazing wandlior! I feel like a 9 year old next to you! Maybe thats because I am one!

Area: Inside Guest Quaters

Night: Some people stay awake at night but al I want to do is jump in my mushroom bed!

Area: Inside Mushroom Castle sleeps if any chairs/couches/beds are available, but just yawns if none

Task Mushroom Dash

Objective: Complete the Mushroom Scroll and put 15 Cute, 25 Domestic 15 Elegant 10 Tech 50 Structure 50 Nature 25 Fun 10 Food 10 Spooky and 1 door to Mushroom Castle Outside

When You Talk To Her: Could you decoraite this area here and build a castle? Here is a scroll to help

While Doing Task: How is the scroll doing?

When You Finish The Task: The Mushroom Festival will be amazing! Thanks


Objective: 50 Domestic and 50 Nature to Mushroom Castle Inside

When You Talk To Her: Okay to the inside

While Doing Task: Just make it so people can live in here

When You Finish The Task: Lovely!

Reward: Mushroom Outfits

Water the Fungi

Objective: Water Zipper's Mushrooms

When You Talk To Her: Help! My Mushrooms are dying!

While Doing Task: Help!

When You Finish Task: You save me! Thanks so much

Food and S H E L T E R

Objective: 15 Structure, 5 paint and 1 Door to Outside of Guest Quater

When You Talk To Her: Some people will stay over night. Could you make a guest quaters?

While Doing Task: You don't need to make anything fancy, just a roof and walls

When You Finish Task: Its great! You out did yourself!

F O O D and Shelter

Objective: 5 Food and 25 Domestic to Inside of Guest Quater

When You Talk To Her: Can you make a few tables, beds and pots inside?

While Doing Task: Just some beds, food and tables

When You Finish Task: Incredable!

King Points 4 Task The Mushroomshock

Objective: Socialize with Zipper to tell her "You are smart"

When You Talk To Her: Some people say I'm weird. Do you think I am weird?

While Doing Task: Oh um Hi

When You Finish Task: You really think so? That is so nice! Thank you!