Zipper Mushroomshock is a nine year old mushroom fan and a lover of all nature. She knows everything about nature there is to know, however, she knows nothing about tech. Zipper host a massive feastival called The Mushroom Festival that is all about mushrooms. She is also a retired wandioler. She appears in MySims Kingdom, MySims Agents, MySims SkyHeroes, MySims Action and MySims Invasion.

Roles In GamesEdit


  • Zipper is the first character ConnaBuilder was in MySims Kingdom
  • Zipper was origanly Spooky
  • In MySims Agents, She somtimes waves her wand around.
  • In her MySims Agents Icon, she has clear lenses
  • She also has no rope in her hair
  • Zipper, Renée and You are the only characters in MySims Kingdom to own an island
  • Zipper's island is the only island with people from other islands come to her island (apart from Your Island) that has people in a cutsecne. King Roland, Princess Butter and Violet visit in the cutscene at the end of the island
  • Interestingly, if you sent Zipper on the One More Time Mission, she says her worst fear has nothing to do with mushrooms, her worst fear is Morcubus himself. She says "Wait whats that? Its... Its... Its a giant Morcubus! Aaaaaaa!"
  • Zipper meantions You and the festival that she was hosting in your honour, meaning she did make the festival
  • Zipper and Violet are best friends, she says so if you send Violet on Zipper's mission.